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My Bee Tattoo for Dad, RIP x
May 3, 2019 Blog Carmel Behan

Hey everyone Its been a very eventful 2 months. Last month, my awesome Dad Martin died. He got sick really suddenly and within a few weeks the devil that is pancreatic cancer had taken him at the way to young age of 65. It really is a silent killer often you barely know you have

Inktober Week 2- Colour snuck in!
Image October 15, 2018 Blog,Inktober Carmel Behan

Colour snuck its way into this weeks round of inktober drawings! its so funny to see where a prompt takes your mind! From pollination to lovers…

Inktober Week One: Practice Makes Perfect?
Image October 7, 2018 Blog,Inktober Carmel Behan

I decided for the first time to take part in Inktober. I am doing things a bit different of course.. Firstly I’m making the most of my new iPad pro and using this daily drawing to practice and improve my skills there on Procreate… Secondly I am using the South Tipperary Arts Centre prompts which

Declan O’Meara Oil Pastel Workshop
Image October 4, 2018 Blog,Workshops Carmel Behan

What a lovely way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon… learning to use the under appreciated oil pastel